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Glove Relacing, also known as Glove Restringing, is an art that grows with practice.   To restring a Glove doesn't require a college degree, but does require patience and some skill, as well as a few little tricks of the trade.    With years of experience, I have relaced just about every type of glove, including some gloves that were well over 30 to 40 years old (I've even done a three fingered glove from the Gashouse Era!).   

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Any Model, Style, or Size Glove Relaced, partially or completely.   Wilsons, Mizunos, Spaldings, Zetts, Black Gloves, Dark Leather, Catchers or First Basemen Mitts, all Relaced.     Most gloves are $35 for basic relacing, which includes web/pocket, fingers and the heel, as well as return Priority Postage.
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Ripped and Torn Leather (most of the time) can now be replaced or repaired !!   Custom work is done by a Professional cobbler, and most rips, tears, and loose stitchings are fixed or replaced, depending on the glove.    Generally, The pricing for repairs of this nature is in the range of $10 to $25 extra, in addition to relacing.

For torn or ripped Gloves ONLY--
Email with details for quote and estimation of possible repair, please send photo if possible.   As of 9/10/07, Gloves requiring the cobbler's services cannot be given a time frame of completion, due to medical reasons.   The cobbler is working on a VERY LIMITED schedule - please email if you require a glove returned within a certain time frame - some we may be guarantee, some we will not.

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Ripped or worn thumb lacings inside glove, or finger straps, sometimes can be repaired, but may not be like the original style.   Otherwise general relacing is done to the pattern of the original glove, or as close to pattern as possible. In most cases, the Original pattern can be restored as was when New!

All gloves relaced with professionalism, by an experience pro with years of relacing experience!



Professional Glove relacing since 1989 100s of Gloves Relaced!!
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If you send an email request, you should be notified within 24 hours.
However, Sometimes email isn't 100% reliable, therefore if you do not recieve confirmation with 24 hours, please send another email request.

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